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Business Integration Analyst


Job Type



Job Description: Business Integration Analyst at Helioustin

Position: Business Integration Analyst
Location: Remote (WFH)
Department: Sales and Business

Key Responsibilities:

Market Research and Analysis:

Conduct thorough market research to identify trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape.
Analyze market data to develop insights and strategies for business growth.

Lead Generation and Sales:

Identify and pursue new business opportunities through networking, industry events, and other channels.
Develop and implement sales strategies to acquire new clients and expand existing accounts.
Manage the sales pipeline, track progress, and report on key metrics.

Client Relationship Management:

Build and maintain strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions.
Conduct regular meetings with clients to review business needs and address any concerns.
Ensure high levels of client satisfaction and retention.

Strategic Planning:

Develop and execute business development plans that align with company goals and objectives.
Collaborate with internal teams, including marketing, product development, and operations, to ensure alignment and support for business development initiatives.
Proposal Development and Negotiation:

Prepare and present compelling proposals and presentations to potential clients.
Negotiate contracts and agreements to secure new business.
Work with legal and finance teams to ensure contracts are compliant and profitable.

Reporting and Analysis:

Track and report on business development activities, results, and key performance indicators (KPIs).
Provide regular updates to senior management on progress and strategic initiatives.
Analyze performance data to identify areas for improvement and adjust strategies accordingly.

Networking and Brand Representation:

Represent Helioustin at industry events, conferences, and trade shows.
Develop and maintain a strong professional network to facilitate business opportunities.
Promote Helioustin’s brand and value proposition in the market.


- Education:

- Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, IT, or a related field.

- Experience:

- 0-1 years of experience in sales, preferably in tech solutions or AI integration.
- Proven track record of achieving sales targets and managing complex sales processes.


- Competitive Fixed Monthly % Commission
- Flexible work environment.
- Opportunities for professional growth and development.

Interview Rounds

R1(Audio)->R2(Ai Monitoring)->R3(Final Offer)

Round 1

To proceed further, we kindly request you to record ( Audio ) yourself answering three specific questions. This will help us better understand your skills and suitability for the position.


Please find the questions below:


1. Describe your personality traits.

2. Share an example of a successful project you worked on, highlighting your contributions.

3. Explain why you believe you are the ideal candidate for this position.


Record your audio responses and ,send audio files with your updated cv to our official email ( .Make sure the audio quality is clear, and each response  within a reasonable time frame.


Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to reviewing your responses.


Best regards,



Director of Hr Department

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